Ann Arctica

canada goose snow day meme canada goose urge to migratecanada goose fracket meme

In making my meme, I wanted to do something that was unique to a specific community. I desired to create a joke that is unique to a certain groups of students. At the University of Michigan, students exaggerate the necessary degree of outer-wear. Being from Chicago, it is just as cold, but no one from my home town feels the need to buy a super expensive jacket. Here, students are willing to spend up to a thousand dollars on “Canada Goose” jackets that are fabricated to be worn in Antarctica. It’s not just girls, it’s boys too. The “Canada Goose” logo is everywhere you turn. I started off with making the captions, some of them being more general and some of them being very specific to college life and the University of Michigan.

Greek life is where you can find the majority of the “Canada Goose” jackets. Every sorority girl has to have her “Canada Goose” jacket. Even if they dislike them at first, they always cave in. The meme “Buys Canada Goose to use as a Fracket” is referring to a “frat jacket” (fracket) or cheap jacket that girls buy to wear to frats so they don’t care if they are stolen or taken. Frackets are usually bought from Salvation Army or other second hand stores. However, even though frats are usually 100 degrees, filled with drunk sweaty people, why not wear your jacket that was made for Antartica?

The meme “buys Cananda Goose only for the snow day” is talking about the rare snow day that occurred. The university rarely cancels classes, but they cancelled this winter (2015) because of the heavy snowfall when just last year they cancelled school for the first time in 36 years. Ironically, on the snow day, the girls that normally wear “Canada Goose” jackets were frantically running from frat house to frat house in crop tops and shorts… not their jackets made for Antartica.

The more general meme about the jackets was “buys Canada Goose gets the sudden urge to migrate.” Are we geese or students? Half of the University owns the super expensive “Canada Goose” jacket, and there was even a YouTube video made by a University of Michigan student titled “Mark of the Canada Goose.” It may be cold in Ann Arbor, but it’s not Ann Arctica…

By: Cara Laskowski


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