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Code complitation meme                                                   passing test cases


The picture I chose is one of my good friend’s Nate at a social gathering on a weekend in the lovely city of Ann Arbor. One of my other friends Alex was able to capture this image when Nate and another friend both posed for the camera. Alex–being the genius cameraman he is–was able to snap a picture of Nate at the perfect time where his expression was one that could easily become an image-macro meme. After obtaining such a gem of a picture, Alex came back and shared the image with my friend group, and thus arose my creative process for turning Nate’s face into a hilarious image-macro meme.

My main source of inspiration for this meme came from the fact that Nate and I are both Computer Science majors. We both partake in long “coding sessions” where we will lock ourselves in a room of our house, blast loud music, and just sit for hours on end vigorously typing away at our laptops. On top of this, our circle of friends also has other individuals who code. Thus arose my idea that I would turn his face into an image-macro meme that would relate to all who are a part of the computer science community.

The meme that has the four quartiles and gives an up-close of Nate’s facial expression came from the common stereotype held by many students that there are barely any women found in the field of computer science. Many of the EECS (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) classes that I have taken here at Michigan did not have many women present in the class. This gave me the idea that I should make a meme that deals with having a female present in what is seen as a male dominated field. The look on Nate’s face is one of excitement mixed with bewilderment. This easily tied in with my caption of, “WHEN YOU… SEE A GIRL IN YOUR EECS CLASS.” Nate’s facial expression here makes the concept of having a female in an EECS class a statistical anomaly, which is the basis of the humor for this meme.

As a programmer, there are certain ways to programming which can show you if your program is working properly. Thus arose the other two memes. The concept of debugging means that the code has a figurative “bug” present within the text, meaning that the programmer has to search through the code to find the error. Personally as a programmer, if I am able to write code and have it “compile,” meaning that every aspect of the code comes together to run on the computer successfully without debugging, I feel very lucky as I have made no mistake within the code. Not making a mistake within large amounts of code is fairly difficult, as missing only a simple semi-colon can cause your entire program to crash. Thus the caption “Code compiles without debugging” is one that is applicable. The concept of test cases deals with checking to see if your code will work with a given set of inputs. When programmers write test cases, they know what the proper input it is and also know what the correct output is. This is how they are able to check to see if their code is running correctly. When I have my programs pass the test cases, I cheer with joy because I am able to confirm that my code was written correctly.

The creative process of writing these memes was initially difficult to start off, but once I had started creating them, I was able to make a plethora of other memes. I enjoyed sharing my created memes with not only my class, but also my friends. I went to one of my EECS classes and showed off the created memes to my fellow programmers, and they all agreed that Nate’s face made sense with all of the created captions. Nate’s face will hopefully be one that can enter the larger meme pool, and survive among all the other memes.

By: Nayeem Huq


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