Frat Bro


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The inspiration behind this “frat boy” meme is my role in Greek life. I associate myself with a fraternity and in doing so I subject myself to many stereotypes. With my collection of memes I am trying to capture the carnivalesque aspects of Greek life and make them into memes.

Finding a picture to use for this meme was actually a lot more difficult than one would think. It was hard to get people to take a picture for me. Often times they felt awkward and didn’t want someone to meme them. Finally, I was hanging out with my roommate from freshman year and he decided to put on a bucket hat. This instantly made me think of the guy with the scumbag hat meme. Fortunately, he allowed me to take a picture of him wearing his “scumbag hat.” Ideas started flowing much easier when I had a picture to base the words off of.

The top middle meme particularly attains to a group of people that I hang out with. Usually on a Tuesday night a lot of the fraternities and sororities will go to Skeeps. Scorekeepers bar and grill, famously known as Skeeps, is basically the only bar in Ann Arbor that the Greek life students go to. In other words, Tuesdays are “Skeeps nights.” The humor in the meme is the fact that no ones going to a club because every Tuesday night is the same thing. Everyone always goes to Skeeps.

Next, the meme on the bottom left shows how the cleaning service is really just the pledges. A fraternity usually has pledges to help out with tasks such as cleaning. These, usually younger, students try to gain the respect from all the older brothers. Apparently one way in which this occurs, is through cleaning. This was inspired by the fact that when parties are thrown a cleaning service is almost never called. Usually it is the pledges who have to clean everything up. Moreover, I have had almost this same dialogue with someone I live with. After a party I asked if he could call the cleaning service as soon as possible because the place was pretty dirty. Instead he decided to call one of the younger kids to come clean. Likewise, the final meme on the bottom right is a reference to the typical thing a frat bro would say. This is meant to humor a wide variety of communities. Two obvious communities this pertains to are men and women. Men can see this as funny because they are the ones being mocked. One can say that this is funny because they either do it or they don’t. Women, on the other hand, may think this is funny because men may actually say something like this or act with this type of attitude to woman. All in all, the communities in which one belongs can influence the ways in which one sees a meme

I find these memes interesting and funny because they pertain specifically to me. I am a part of Greek life and make fun of certain stereotypes that go along with it. Ultimately, I had a great time making this project and learned a lot in the process.

By: Michael Gang


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