Glee Club Facepalms


As a current sophomore at a rather large university, I have worked hard to find a niche within the student body to create a closer community for myself. The niche I’ve chosen is the University of Michigan’s Women’s Glee Club. Over the course of a few semesters I have progressed into leadership positions and have gotten to know the ins and outs of how our organization runs. While this has helped me to feel closer with the girls around me, it has also given me a greater sense of self-identification with being a glee clubber.

Working so closely with the group has afforded me the opportunity to be there through the club’s struggles and triumphs, fun social events, and grueling extended rehearsals. When thinking about what kind of meme I could best affiliate myself with while reaching out to a greater audience, I realized that my experiences with these girls would be a great resource for ideas. Misery loves company, and humor adds a welcoming touch when examining our own struggles, or as I’ve termed them in my memes, “facepalm” moments.


My first meme is directed at the all-too-familiar event of sitting at a table with some other girls for a few hours, trying to recruit new members. We have our smiles glued to our faces, and are proudly inviting girls to join our glee club. To our awkward dismay, many girls eagerly ask us if we are like the T.V. show Glee. Sorry to disappoint them, we explain to them that we are more like a normal choir and less like a jazzed-up display of contemporary music. We tell them to “Have a great day” as they say “Oh…”, and walk away. This is one of those moments that many glee clubs can relate to, and is worthy of a truly satisfying “facepalm.”

The second meme in the series here touches on an exaggerated stereotype of glee club experiences, while giving flavors of humor to those girls in glee that understand the basis for the stereotMEME1 (1)ype. Often when going to parties that are co-hosted by the University of Michigan Men’s Glee Club, we meet more than one gay man. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this encounter, of course, unless you’re a single girl looking for a guy that might be into you. This is less of a struggle than the meme may suggest, but the “facepalm” moment of when you’re at a glee party talking up a guy, and find out that he is gay, is worthy of mention. It’s an experience for which every girl, in spite of knowing the stereotype of men singers being gay to be exaggerated, thinks to herself: Figures.

The final meme presented here exemplifies a personal favorite “facepalm” moment for which misery loves company. There just might be nothing choral singers lovMEME3e more than complaining about having to do choreography on risers. Whenever we’re finally all placed on the narrow riser steps, working hard not to trip or bump into girls around us while standing still, our conductor proclaims, “I really think this song could do with a couple dance moves. It’s just so upbeat!” Instantly we look around, roll our eyes, internally “facepalm,” and nervously chuckle at the sheer ridiculousness we know is about to ensue. This meme is an ode to that wonderfully miserable “facepalm” over which many glee clubbers, as well as choral students, can bond.


The most difficult part of developing my memes was keeping the captions concise. I thought the humor of the message was prevalent and could resonate with my intended audience of glee clubbers, but I didn’t want to ruin the delivery of the punchline with a poorly worded caption. Ultimately I think they turned out well, and glee clubbers and choral members alike can attest to the humor of these “facepalm” experiences.

By: Natalie Wysocki


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