Writer Problems

Writer Problems

This meme is based off a picture of actual edits that I have received on article feedback. Each little red section is a different edit that my editor made and sent to me for approval. This picture is just a little section of the comments I get back when I submit articles. I chose to do this meme because writing is something that I love to do and spend most of my time doing, both inside and outside of the classroom. The audience for this meme is students who do a lot of academic or nonacademic writing and non students who are either writers by profession or just for fun.

My inspiration for this meme was how much writing I do compared to how much writing my friends do. Most of my friends are majoring in business or some sort of science and rarely have any other homeworkEditors Be Like besides math problems or studying. I, on the other hand, hope to be a writer when I graduate and do a lot of writing now for different publications, so I always end up being the only person in our group at the library writing as opposed to studying. It’s always funny to me when my friends actually do have writing assignments due because I watch them go about completing theirs way differently than I complete mine. I decided to take on this meme from three different angles, the writer, the editor, and the non-writer, because they seemed to be three different people involved in the writing process.

The first meme, “Editors be like… Just a few notes” was the original version of the meme that I came up with and is from the editor’s point of view. I thought of this because a lot of times when my editors send me back articles for revisions, they’ll email me saying something like “Just a few notes on what you did, get it back to me as soon as you can.” This is always funny to me because the “few notes” usually end up looking more like a lot of notes that take a little longer to geNon-Writers Be Liket fixed. Even when there aren’t that many substantial comments on my work, I still have to accept every slight punctuation and grammar change, which still takes time and can really add up.

My second me is from the point of view from non-writers, aka people that wouldn’t be able to relate too much to this meme. I chose this one mostly because of my friends. Right now I’m in a class with my friend Ali who is a business major. Even she will admit that writing isn’t her strong suit and she rarely has to write anything longer than 500 words. Every time we have a paper due, Ali texts me telling me we should get together for hours to hash out our paper ideas and edit each other’s papers over and over again. This is funny to me and to other writers because a lot of times, peer reviewing can just be annoying and add extra work to do when you don’t actually want any feedback on your work.

Writers Be LikeThe third meme I did was from the point of view of the writer. This was my favorite of the three memes to create because it was the one I related to most. It’s a common saying among the writing community to “write drunk and edit sober.” This makes writing seem appealing because it seems like a lot less daunting of task when you get to do it with a drink in your hand. However I have personally had my fare share of occasions where I took the first part of the motto a little too loosely and ended up with an incoherent babble of words. It’s always funny waking up the next morning after reading your drunk work to realize just how ineffective writing drunk and editing sober can be when you sometimes can’t even edit the nonsense you wrote.

I initially had a little bit of difficulty with the creative process of making my meme. I knew I wanted to make one about writers and writing, but I wanted to relate it specifically to The Black Sheep, the publication I spend most of my time writing for. Since it was such a broad subject to choose material from, I had to change my ideas around a few times to get them just right. I’m really proud of these memes because I think I ended up with something that is really funny to people the meme is catered towards but also understandable to people that aren’t the exact target audience.

By: Molly Ade


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