International School Kids [subtweeting @ U-M]

Background + Intended Audience of Meme:

The intended audience for my memes is international school students familiar with the college application process. I would first like to point out the fact that international school students are not the same as international students. Most internmorkational school students are international students, but most international students are not international school students, if that makes sense. 🙂

I grew up in an international school for the majority of my life, and I loved it–mostly an international school in Asia, where with the oil kids, government kids from all over the world etc., was extremely diverse. In senior year when we international students were applying for colleges in North America, we went on a lot of the websites and did research (totally not forced by our mothers) and read a lot of academic stats, demographic stats and etc. I’m not sure if it was just my group of friends or if every senior at every international school did this, but we paid particular attention to demographic stats because we all knew we wanted to continue living and learning with an extremely diverse group of people. It worked for us and we all loved it.

The joke in the line of ‘U-M Be Like, “We Reál Diversé”’ is that compared to international schools, the diversity that every school boasts pales in comparison to the diversity at international schools.  The funniest part is that evespaggehtiry American college on some extremely obvious location on their pamphlet or website and whatnot would preach diversity like it’s something they’re doing particularly well in. Every college is so proud of the fact that they are apparently “Diversé.” Most of the colleges I looked at were on average 35% people of color, and the rest 65% were Caucasian Americans, which makes it understandable that everyone in my high school found the whole diversity boasting thing absolutely hilarious.

This was what inspired my memes. I decided to take photos of foods that were white (pre-cooked or post-cooked). I chose marshmallows, different types of pasta, and milk. Those three foods are generally associated with Western culture (which is not to say other cultures don’t eat it) and are also of the color white . It is poking fun at the fact that when universities boast about their diversity, the demographic composition of said schools usually consists of 1/3 people of color and 2/3 Caucasian Americans. The text and clearly incorrect use of accents and exclamation points is also poking fun at this “We Real Diverse!” thing. It’s just to express in an amusing way that they are not yet on the level of diversity of 99% of international schools. It is used to simply emphasise how funny universities sound to my international school community when we read about them during our college research process. marshi

It is a meme in that it is very community-specialised because it would take a while for people unaware of this particular demographic to get this joke. It’s funny for international school kids because international schools are diverse enough that none of them need to really talk about how “diverse” and “international” they are, they can show and do not need to tell. And when a school that isn’t as diverse (not just in terms of racial backgrounds, but also in terms of country of birth and etc.) as ours prides itself so much on diversity, it’s pretty amusing. 

SUMMARY: The joke is simply in that international schools “do” diversity better than most other schools, and when you’re applying to these “most other schools” from an international school, it’s hard not to find those North American universities’ odd pride in what varying degrees of little diversity (again, in COMPARISON) they do possess hilarious.

PS. enjoy! 🙂 🙂

By: Catherine Tseng


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