Michigan Basketball Managers

Being a student manager for the Michigan basketball team takes a lot of time and effort. This idea is widely accepted by players and coaches, and past players Dan Dakich and Jay Bilas have recently been very outspoken about their appreciation of student managers. For my meme series, I chose pictures of myself doing managerial roles. As a manager, some of my responsibilities include: rebounding for the players before games, sitting on the bench and taking stats during games, and anything else the coaching staff needs help with.h81pr-2

For my first meme, I have chosen a picture of me rebounding for the Michigan players before a game. The meme is funny because people don’t actually take statistics during warm ups, but I am claiming that I got the most rebounds. Also, for Michigan’s team, the players do not actually get any rebounds so they can get more shots up. This adds the element of humor to be bragging about getting the most rebounds during warm ups.

h80dp For the next meme, it is a picture at the game when Michigan played against Michigan State. The picture shows a Michigan State manager mopping the court during the game. This is something that Michigan managers do not have to do. Instead, Michigan hires somebody else to mop the courts. Mopping the court is not a fun job and instead of mopping the court our managers are able to just enjoy the game from the bench or the front row of the student section.

For the final meme, it is a picture of me on the bench during a game. During games I keep stats and report them to coaches during timeouts and halftime. Dan Dakich, a former college basketball player, constantly praises basketball managers and applauds our hard work. This meme is funny because it is recognizes the effort that is put in by managers during practices, while managers know that they will never play in games when they agree to be a manager.

By: Matt Davis



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