The Undeclared College Major

As an undeclared student, I do know the career path I want to pursue; however, I am unsure of the best path in order to get there. Both of my parents went to college, but neither of them uses their major in their current field of employment. My father majored in biochemistry in pursuit of medical school, but now he builds commercial high-rise complexes. This example shows how one’s college major is not the “end all be all.” Students build up this idea that if they attend the perfect college and major in the perfect subject, then they will get the perfect job and achieve the “American Dream.” This unrealistic concept is what many students struggle to grasp everyday. College students find subjects that they are passionate about, but never pursue because they feel societal constraints and pressure. My meme sequence reflects the carnivalesque elements of declaring a college major for the current undeclared students who have the impending decision upon them.


The first meme is the initial component of the three memes in the sequence of past, present, and future. As a child, parents ask children what they are interested in or how they are going to “succeed” without considering the child’s interests and the changes that occur throughout the path of maturation.The humorous aspect of this meme is the image of a baby, who is still too young to speak, already contemplating what he is going to major in. In reality, this baby is unable to comprehend language, let alone decide his future major.

Meme 2

The second meme in the sequence represents current undeclared students’ idea of how their major is going to help them in the future. College students think of the English major as going nowhere in life, where in reality people have the ability to create whatever they want from any college major. The comparison of images is comical because here is an educated male working in the fast food industry paralleled to an undeclared student who never choose a major but is financially successful.

Meme 3

The third meme is an example of heteroglossia because it conveys multiple messages. Usually, college students are contemplating their college major; however, the typical image of a college student is altered to an elderly man. This creates compound elements because it expresses how an older person has the ability to attend college or how the pressure to choose a college major still remains beyond college.

The purpose of this meme sequence is for college students to understand that many people struggle when choosing a major and that a college major is not the determining factor in one’s life. Every student has the ability to achieve their goals as long as they are focused, because success comes in every form, every major.

By: Chloe Hardin


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